Let the Nature-Pack team at Frontier Paper & Packaging assist you with our CAD Design abilities. Using Computer Aided Design, we can help with getting your presentation carton designed to your needs and style as well as utilizing our internal Art Department in creating your print layout. We can help take the guesswork out of how your carton may look by giving you a high-quality representation of exactly how your package design will appear before any cutting or printing dies are purchased, or product run.


Digital Printing

Our high-end digital printer can help your brand stand out and make a great first impression by printing custom logos and artwork on all types of packaging surfaces and signage. Your imagination is the only limit, and our graphics department is available to turn your ideas into a reality.



At Nature-Pack, we understand that things change and new options are always needed. We can help you with getting the right product options for your needs. Our team at Frontier Paper & Packaging will get you the prototype designs you need for your shipping requirements. We can help from start to finish in making sure a new model will work for you. Given our wide range of product offerings, Frontier Paper & Packaging can create and provide your custom shipper as a cold chain solution ranging from our patented Thermal Shield Liners, our environmentally friendly, compostable Biomailer and Biocooler options, to traditional EPS panel solutions. If you need a new design on a corrugated carton, we will work with you to enhance your image. From dual color container liners to high-end graphics, Frontier Paper & Packaging can offer solutions to help your product stand out.


Lab Tests

Nature-Pack’s lab services provide detailed, data-driven analysis of small and large parcel shipments based on realistic expectations your package may encounter in the distribution environment. Our on-site temperature chamber is a valuable tool in determining success or failure of your current pack out. By using our state of the art test chamber that replicates almost every weather condition and environment your package is exposed to, we can determine why a package might fail and make necessary changes to achieve positive results.

Using ISTA global standards, our experts will develop a thermal profile that matches your desired distribution channels for both summer and winter. Thermal Shield’s skilled technicians are adept at qualifying and validating your cold chain packaging based on proven methodologies that offer the greatest assurance of repeatable, documented success for our clients. For more info visit www.thermalshield.com



At Frontier Paper & Packaging, your full-service packaging supplier, we can help you make sure the package you use meets all your needs. Our extensive knowledge helps us make sure we come up with a design that works for you. From shipping pharmaceuticals, candy, food, cosmetics and pretty much anything else, we can help create the package that will work. We can supply data loggers for real world results on how an end user is currently shipping their product, to running a full chamber test based on ISTA or individual shipping lane statistics to verify that the results needed are attained.



Frontier Paper & Packaging is a full-service packaging supplier. From Bubble Wrap to our patented home compostable Bioproducts, we have what you need, including the ability to build up kits for your shipping. We currently kit our packaging products up for just in time deliveries to various accounts letting end user’s save resources on new workforce and saving warehouse space. We can build up the kits you need with our packaging material and ship you the pre-made shipping solution you require. Frontier Paper & Packaging helps your company save time and money. All you need to do after receiving in our pre-built kits made to your specifications is to load your payload and label the product for shipping.