Why choose Biocooler®?

Biocooler® is an exciting new alternative to EPS foam. This innovative bio-based and biodegradable Foam cooler is made almost entirely from renewable plant starches and plant oils. It is designed specifically for single-use, short-life cycle packaging which accounts for approximately 90% of the market for insulated shippers. Biocooler® is customizable, lightweight, and offers more insulating value per inch than most competing products sold today.

Biocooler® is a dynamic insulated two-piece cooler system that’s designed to biodegrade in almost all environments, including water, and without harm to marine and aquatic life. Considered the “gold standard” in biodegradability, our technology is disruptive, and it challenges the continued use of oil-based foams and plastics used for short term packaging, cushioning, and insulating. Nature-Pack™ is packaging for tomorrow, that starts today.

Key Features

  • Biocooler® is the only insulated shipping container in the market today that easily meets strict composting standards for all industrial or municipal requirements. This process is difficult to achieve due to the low temperatures encountered in this environment at (20-45˚C).
  • Biocooler® two-piece insulated panel system is customizable, rigid, lightweight, bio-based, and ships flat saving a ton of space vs. competing materials.
  • Biocooler® is the only insulated container FDA approved for direct food contact, and it’s biodegradable.
  • Our products provide a reduction of plastic litter in our lakes, rivers, and streams without any harmful impact on aquatic life
  • The Biocooler® is initially water resistant during shipments to keep your products safe.

Biocooler® 2 pc. biodegradable insulated panel sizes


Proprietary designs and unique options available


Easy to Packout, Easy to Store, and Easy on the Environment


Each Biocooler® consists of an outer piece A) and an inner piece B) that will create a form fitting cooler upon assembly. These pieces are flat and rigid but will fold into place along the scored side of the panels. The rigidity of Biocooler® assists during the assembly by allowing the top panel to stay upright while the cooler is finished being packed out.


Two piece Biocoolers® arrive flat with an equal number of inners and outers in each tote. Our minimums for each size and thickness combination is determined by the number of coolers that will fit in one of the totes. We can reach a maximum of three totes per pallet for orders that exceed the minimum. If the orders are large enough for multiple pallets, the coolers will be separated into a pallet of inners along with a pallet of outers.