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New on Plastics Today: UK government declares war on plastic

Great Britain’s Conservative Party, led by Prime Minister Theresa May, is taking steps to reduce the overall amount of plastic the country produces.

Check out the news from Plastics Today:

UK Prime Minister Theresa May has unveiled a plan to eradicate all avoidable plastic waste by 2042. Reuters reports that by placing a new environmental agenda center stage, “May is keen to put divisions over leaving the European Union, scandals and an ill-judged election behind her and try to broaden the appeal of her Conservative Party.”

May’s proposals did not entirely please environmental groups, either. Pressure groups gave a lukewarm response to the plan, “praising its ambition but warning that it lacked sufficient proposals for immediate action,” writes the Guardian.

“It is a long-term plan, it’s about the next 25 years,” May responded. “But it’s a plan which I think speaks to everybody who has an interest in our environment and everybody who wants to ensure that future generations are able to enjoy a beautiful environment.”

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