The biopharma, clinical labs, and life sciences sector encompass a broad spectrum of research, and disciplined talents focused on improving the quality of life for all living things. Biology remains a core element at the heart of new drug discoveries. As such, biologics and other specialty pharmaceuticals represent a growing field for cold-chain packaging and the use of Nature-Pack™ products.With product efficacy, and patient health being of utmost importance, you need a partner that can safely guide you through regulatory hurdles, while ensuring your packaging stays compliant, and within budget.

Having performed thousands of simulated tests in our lab, and applying those to real-life applications, the staff at Nature-Pack™ understands the complex dynamic nature of cold-chain pharmaceutical shipments. With a myriad of choices for transit including air, sea, rail, or ground. Your delivery times, outside temperatures, and the routes traveled to reach a destination are contributing factors to your package’s success. No matter the destination or climate conditions, Nature-Pack’s experience in temperature assurance packaging means you’ve partnered with the best!

Whether you’re sending large-molecule life-saving protein therapies and you need to meet strict 2-8°C standards, or maybe your shipment entails shelf-stable tablets that ship at CRT (20-25°C), in every case your temperature profiles are based on a variety of factors that is extensively researched and tested. We can capture all relevant data to “Qualify” or “Validate” your insulated shipping container recording to ISTA and international standards.

While today’s savvy buyers can use any number of insulating materials for their shipments such as EPS foam, polyurethane, or even VIP panels for a returnable package system. All are inherently oil-based and offer limited recovery options especially for international shipments. As corporations pursue “greener packaging” materials as part of a broader policy, buyers are left scratching their heads in search of where to find alternatives to petro-based packaging.

Nature-Pack™ brand of bioplastic insulated foam packaging is here to help. Our first-to-market technology goes beyond composting and provides the end user more disposal options than all other materials used today for cold chain packaging. We’ve run exhaustive tests using dry ice, gel packs, and also wet ice, all with impressive results. The insulation value (R-value) of Biocooler™ is virtually identical to EPS foam, and in certain cases even outperforms it. Nature-Pack™ brand of bioplastic packaging is turning traditional oil-based packaging on its head. Our new Biocooler® brand of insulated shipping containers is the only two-piece, biobased and biodegradable cold-chain transportation system that meets stringent 3rd-party international certifications for biobased content, as well as disposal environments. Biocooler® provides innovative solutions to difficult questions regarding EPS foam disposal where little to no infrastructure exists to collect and recycle it.


As a pharmaceutical distributor you have to send 15,000 parcel shipments to a country with no recycling infrastructure, and they might not accept EPS foam anyway. What do you do? Give us a call to help find a custom shipping solution.

Tips for Shipping Room Temperature

Life science samples that are not temperature sensitive are usually still fragile and must be shown equal care when packing. Insulated shippers can do more than protect from extreme heat and cold. They can also protect from some of the rough handling during the shipping process.