As people’s lives become busier, from work to home, it seems harder to find the time to gather all the ingredients and goods to make a meal. Shipping gourmet meals to consumers at home or on the job are big business these days. Some companies offer subscription meals and ship the recipe, perishable uncooked meat, poultry, vegetable or seafood to be prepared in the customer’s kitchen. All ingredients in these meals are pre-measured, and virtually damage proof. For foodstuffs, there is no need for extra packaging. All of Nature-Pack™ products are FDA approved for direct food contact. We are also offering the first retail carrier bag suitable for food contact.

Are you jeopardizing your reputation for delivering fresh foods, by using cheap packaging materials that provide poor insulation values? Our experience and industry research shows that too many subscription meal services, or other companies that offer meals to your home or business, use inadequate methods to pack, insulate, and maintain the temperatures required to guarantee your food is fresh and at the expected temps for food safety. Whether your shipping pre-packaged refrigerated meals or perhaps a salad or fresh organic vegetables, Nature-Pack™ works with food providers to close the loop with compostable insulated packaging.

Our commitment to the food delivery sector is an important one. Packaging is an important part of the equation. Until now you’ve had few options in choosing sustainable materials for your cold-chain insulated packaging requirements. Your entire business model should practice sustainable methods to produce and deliver the freshest products, which retain their quality and flavor from farm to table, don’t continue to leave your customers with an oil-based plastic leftover, that’s a burden to dispose of, and ultimately ends up polluting our environment. Single-use, oil-based EPS foam has limited recovery options for both the consumer and the recycler. It was not intended for recovery. STOP contributing to the global waste problem, and start making better choices to support a healthy environment.


Nature-Pack™ Biocooler® insulated shippers increase temperature controlled times by up to 30% over traditional fossil-based foams while providing a holistic recovery cycle. Save on shipping. Save your product. Save the environment.